Have you ever thought, “Maybe I just can’t trust myself with food?” It’s an incredibly common concern, and we’ve been there too, which is why we created Eat Confident Co. We believe you have all the tools you need to know how to eat and care for yourself, you may just need practice, support and encouragement in doing so.

Solving your eating problems by adding more rules doesn’t work. It ignore your body’s natural ability to know what it needs, creating a disconnection between you and your body. It also creates distrust and fear around food and weight.

Your body has your back - it knows exactly what it needs and what weight it wants to be. Your job then isn’t to count calories, track macros, follow a meal plan or micromanage your weight. Your job is only to listen to, connect with and practice respect for what your body is communicating to you.

This Confident Eater’s Checklist is your first step towards becoming a confident eater; outlining simple changes that will allow you to experience greater food confidence and increased respect for your body.


confident eater’s checklist

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