give yourself the life-changing gift of confident eating.

Confidence is the missing piece in your relationship with food, and we want to help you get it back.

Master the foundations of confident eating…without counting, meal plans, food rules, or programs…EVER AGAIN. No more second guessing your food choices, stressing out about food, hopping from one system to the next, or feeling confused about where to start.

We’re here to walk you step-by-step through all the essentials you need to know to finally become the confident eater you want to be.

Eat Confident Foundations will equip you with all the essential skills to get you feeling confident + empowered around food.

This small-group coaching experience will give you:

  • the most important foundational practices you need to leave diet culture in the dust

  • a safe place + plenty of time to practice the essential skills

  • confidence in yourself around food…no more feeling out of control

  • food independence…no more relying on someone else to dictate what + how much you can eat

  • freedom to eat foods you love without guilt

  • trust in your ability to take care of yourself


what you’ll get inside eat confident foundations:

Eat Confident Foundations is an 8-week, small-group, step-by-step coaching program that walks you through the 8 essential steps to becoming a confident eater.

  • Private membership area with all recordings + materials

  • Step-by-step training through the tools + strategies you need to know

  • Small + intimate community (just 4 members, plus your 2 coaches!) to support you along the way

  • Weekly live coaching calls in online classroom

  • Time each week to get 2:1 support from Emily + Stephanie in real-time

  • Weekly handouts + worksheets to help you practice the skills you learn

here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Week 1: Create Positive Intentions

  • Week 2: Practice Unconditional Permission to Eat

  • Week 3: Separate Your Worth from Your Appearance

  • Week 4: Make a Non-Diet Bubble

  • Week 5: Uncover Food Rules

  • Week 6: Develop Interoceptive Awareness

  • Week 7: Build a Collection of Positive Food Experiences

  • Week 8: Identify Food Values

let us give you the step-by- step tools you need to succeed…and our expert guidance as you practice.

eat confident foundations will run MAR 4 - APR 26, 2019.

a few questions you might be asking…


We certainly hope you are familiar with our approach - that’s why we’re interested in having you join us in this program! And if you’d rather do this on your own, we wish you all the best. But here’s a question for you: where has doing it yourself gotten you up to this point? Chances are, you’ve spent many hours (not to mention dollars) on trying to find solutions to your food problems. And we hope you’ve learned some valuable lessons through all those experiences.

But the benefit of having someone else hold your hand and walk you along the path is that it saves you a lot of guessing, mistakes, and more wasted time. Doing it on your own, quite simply, takes longer and is much harder than allowing someone who has been where you are to guide you to the other side.

The only way to become a confident eater is to master both the skills AND the strategies to get you there. And this is your chance to do that with us to help you along the way. We are not handing out a download or telling you to go read a book and figure it out. We’ll be walking beside you, pointing out potential pitfalls, trouble-shooting concerns that come up, and supporting you as you practice and apply the skills + strategies to your own life. This is your chance to learn from us, because we’ve been where you are, and we know how to walk you to the other side.


We know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has changed. Investing money in yourself is not something we take lightly, and we hope you don’t, either!

Investing in yourself is essentially your commitment to put some skin in the game. To dedicate your money, yes, but also your time and energy to getting the help you need in getting where you want to go.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years on meal plans, diet bets, weight loss challenges, and more, we understand your hesitancy to open up your wallet yet again.

The thing that you’ll take away from THIS program, however, is different than anything else you’ve tried. It comes with the understanding that once you learn what we’re teaching, you’re free. You’ll no longer need to buy meal plans or programs anymore, because you’ll have all the skills you need to rely on YOURSELF. You will become the expert on your own body, and you’ll know exactly what to do to take amazing care of yourself - without every relying on a prescriptive, rigid plan again as long as you live.


Eat Confident Collective is our monthly membership group coaching program. All of the principles taught in our small-group programs are covered to some extent in the Collective. However, because of the large size of the group and the vast variety of people, personalities, and struggles, we felt we needed a place to work with women more closely who wanted more hands-on guidance than we can give in the Collective.

Small-group coaching, like Eat Confident Foundations, has the added value of being a more in-depth, fast-paced, intensive coaching experience with much more input + feedback from us along the way.

In the small group format, we are also able to move through concepts much more efficiently and get you to a point of mastery much more quickly. The group is smaller, the individual feedback is greater, and the experience is more concentrated.

ready to join us? let’s do this!

  • 8 live group coaching calls with Emily + Stephanie

  • 8 weekly workbooks with prompts + exercises

  • private Facebook community

  • 8 weeks of support + accountability

  • step-by-step expert guidance through the 8 essential skills + strategies

  • lifetime access to the membership area where all program materials are stored

if you already know this program is just what you need, click below to JOIN US.

remember - space is limited and we will only be accepting 4 people into this in-depth coaching experience. so don’t miss it! registration closes FEB 28TH.