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In this recipe eBook, we will be sharing our simple formula for building a nourishing + satisfying snack, along with recipes for simple toasts, energy balls, DIY trailmix, sweet and savory dips, and of course, some baked goods. To end we leave you with 50 quick and easy, grab and go, snack options.

In the recipes that follow, we’ve given you guidelines and templates for some of our favorite foods, but with LOTS of room for making it your own and tailoring it to what you want. We believe that a nourishing + satisfying meal will have elements of food you love (satisfying) and that your body loves (nourishing). Healthy eating is not one or the other - it should include both!

You will not find calorie or macro counts in here, because we encourage you to let go of all of that. Instead, we encourage you to try a recipe and then pay attention to how you feel. Do you like the taste, texture, flavors? Does it fill you up, or do you need to add another food or 2 to round it out to a meal? Does it give you the energy you need to get to your next meal or snack? Do you enjoy eating it?


In this recipe eBook, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite ways to start the day feeling nourished + satisfied, including 50 recipes and variations on our favorite go-to breakfasts - fancy toasts, yogurt bowls, smoothies and oatmeal. We have personally made these many times, and we hope that you’ll find as much nourishment + satisfaction from these recipes as we do.

This is not your typical “health-food” cookbook. You will not find calorie or macro-counts in here, because we encourage you to let go of all of that. Instead, we encourage you to try a recipe and then pay attention to how you feel.

In our Nourished + Satisfied cookbooks, we want to provide inspiration for preparing meals for yourself that can help you strike that balance between nourishment + satisfaction. We want to show you that eating well involves taking into account your food preferences, what you have available, and what makes sense for your life. It’s not about following a strict meal plan for what someone else thinks you should do - it’s about being curious, experimenting and playing with food!



Worried about emotional eating? We get it! The concern about emotional eating is understandable. It can feel hard to trust yourself with food if you feel like you are consistently eating when you aren’t physically hungry and only to numb uncomfortable emotions. Good news: emotional eating is NOT a bad habit you need to overcome. It just a sign, and we want to teach you how to cope with it more effectively than you have been in the past. With a few simple mindset shifts (that we’ll walk you through in this class), you’ll be well equipped with the tools you need to manage emotional eating with ease.


  • 1-hour class on how to work with emotional eating

  • workbook (PDF download) to help you go deeper

  • action steps + assignments to apply what you learn