Elevate Your Environment Masterclass

Elevate Your Environment Masterclass


Have you ever wondered how to teach your kids to be intuitive eaters? Ever struggled with all the diet talk with the people around you? We live in a culture that is obsessed with appearance and encourages disordered eating. We know how tough it is not to second-guess your decision to make peace with food and your body. It’s all too easy to feel triggered and confused and want to hop right back into diet culture.


  • 1-hour class on how to create a food- and body-positive environment for yourself and your family

  • Learn how to teach your kids to eat intuitively

  • workbook (PDF download) to help you go deeper

  • action steps + assignments to apply what you learn

In this masterclass (including a workbook download), we’ll help you elevate your environment by creating a non-diet bubble for yourself. We teach you how to navigate diet talk, respond to comments from family and friends, deal with triggering situations, and teach your kids healthy beliefs and behaviors around food and their bodies. These topics are essential elements for leaving diet culture completely behind and finding true confidence in your own relationship with food.

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