raising confident eaters workshop

sat. july 27th | 9am-3pm | Lehi, Ut

What is the Raising Confident Eaters Workshop?

You’ve had your own struggles with food and your body. Or maybe you’ve just seen how common it is to fight food and feel body shame…for people of all ages.

And now that you’re a mom, you desperately want to help your kids avoid the pain you’ve seen in others or been through yourself.

You want to teach your kids to feed themselves well, to take care of themselves, to honor their body wisdom, and to have respect for themselves.

You want to end the dinner-time battles and the stress of cooking meals that nobody eats.

You want to help your kids have a positive body image and adequate nutrition.

You don’t want them to diet, fight food, or feel shame about their bodies.

We get it. And we want that, too.

That’s why we’ve created the Raising Confident Eaters workshop.

Raising Confident Eaters is our full-day workshop for moms who want to raise children to feed themselves well + trust their bodies.

We’ll teach you how to end the food battles with your kids, create a positive food culture in your home, and cultivate food + body confidence for your kids.

This workshop is the result of our experience working with hundreds of moms on healing their own relationship with food…and most of them ask the question, “What about my kids? How do I teach them to avoid the struggle with food + body I’ve gone through?”

And that’s exactly the questions this workshop will answer!

If you’re exhausted from food battles at mealtimes, worried about your kids not eating well, stressed about having kids who don’t eat what you make…this workshop is for you.



You’ll leave this workshop with:

  • A clear understanding of your responsibilities as a parent in feeding your kids, and where you can allow them more freedom to develop self-trust

  • Knowledge about how to help your kids create a positive + healthy relationship with food and foster their ability to honor their own intuitive signals (like hunger, fullness, satisfaction + appetite)

  • Tips on how to support your kids to try new foods + eat well without micromanaging their food choices

  • The tools to cultivate resilient kids in an appearance-obsessed culture

  • Strategies for helping your kids build positive body image, no matter their size

  • Ideas for how you can be the best example for your kids in food + body confidence

  • The #1 most important thing you can do to help your kids become confident eaters

  • An exclusive Raising Confident Eaters workbook packed with everything we’ll cover in the workshop + more exercises to help you continue the work when you get back home

  • An implementation plan to help you apply everything you learn at the workshop

Who this workshop is perfect for:

  • Moms who are ready to create more peaceful mealtimes

  • Anyone who realizes that forcing kids to eat “healthy food” is backfiring bigtime…and that there must be a better way to raise confident eaters

  • Women who understand the importance of positive body image for themselves and their kids and are ready to CHANGE THE GAME


Do not come to this workshop if:

  • Your goal is to raise “super healthy eaters” that need to be micromanaged with food rules

  • You’re unwilling to assess your own relationship with food + your body and its impact on your children

  • You want to find a quick-fix for food and body issues (for yourself or your kids!)

  • You’re looking for easy answers to complicated questions

  • You’re not ready to change your approach to feeding your kids

What to expect at the workshop:

The workshop will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lehi, Utah on Saturday, July 27th.

Here’s what your day will look like:

8:30-9am: Check in + Mingle

9am-12:00pm: How to Create a Positive Food Dynamic in Your Home

12-1:00pm: Catered Lunch

1-3:00pm: How to Cultivate Positive Body Image for your Kids

3-4:00pm: Linger Longer after the workshop to chat, hug your new friends, and take pictures


What your workshop ticket includes:

  • An exclusive Raising Confident Eaters workbook filled with tools, information, + resources for you to keep forever and refer back to in the future

  • Tons of tips, ideas, and wisdom we’ve gained from both personal + professional experience

  • Specific, actionable steps to improve the food atmosphere in your home and raise children to be confident eaters.

  • Q+A session to get clarity on how to apply the principles to your family

  • A delicious catered lunch + snacks, free gifts, and tons of FUN!

Join us at the Raising Confident Eaters workshop and learn how to raise your kids to feed themselves well + trust their bodies!