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Eat with Confidence Podcast

Eat with Confidence is the podcast for women who are ready to end the battle with food guilt + body shame and cultivate peace, freedom, and confidence.

Stephanie Webb (holistic nutritionist, eating psychology coach, + Intuitive Eating Counselor) and Emily Fonnesbeck (registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, + eating disorder provider) dive into the steps to becoming a Confident Eater.

We talk about food, nutrition, body image, disordered eating, and health -- all through a weight-neutral, non-diet approach.

Are you struggling with how or what to eat? Are you sick of worrying about your weight? Are you looking for a unique, compassionate, comprehensive solution to your food and body struggles?

Discover why thousands of women are turning to Confident Eating to find a lasting solution for health and well-being. 

No more obsessing over weight loss or counting calories. No more guilt and stress over healthy living.

This show is all about feeling your best every day , physically and emotionally, so you can create a life you truly love.